Canada is planning to Expand Its Processing Capacity to Speed up Family Reunion

Canada is going to expand its Case Processing Center in Sydney, Nova Scotia. They aim to process more applications to help families reunite faster. To reduce the processing time for family class applications, they will start a couple of measures: Introduce more office space. Add more employees. IRCC will hire 62 additional employees to work

Express Entry Candidates with a Minimum CRS Score of 352 Receives Alberta PNP Invitations

Alberta PNP sends out invitations to 159 Express Entry (EE) candidates in its last draw on February 16. These candidates had a minimum CRS score of 352. The chosen candidates may now apply for the Alberta Express Entry stream. Once these candidates apply for a provincial nomination, it will improve their status in the EE

Second PNP Draw in Two Days for Ontario

March 3 saw Ontario hold its second PNP draw in two days. Thus, the province sent out invitations to a total of 271 candidates so far this year. This number is for candidates through the Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker (FSSW) Stream. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) sent out 126 invitations to applicants through

Communities in Ontario’s Northern Regions Decide to Grow Their Population

The communities of Ontario’s Northern Regions have come up with the “Come North” initiative. The motive behind this initiative is to help their population growth in rural and Northern Ontario. The short and long-term plans for the population growth in this region include the 10-point action plan. This plan was released last January. There are

TV, Film and Video Game Industries Thrive In Canada since Reopening

There was a drop in the revenue for the TV, film, and video game industries due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. Thankfully, all of these industries are thriving ever since reopening. Voice acting, motion capture, casting for video games, along with film and TV production may remain in operation. This will be as long as proper

Canada Opens New Immigration Pathways for Hong Kong Residents

Canada has made a special announcement regarding the creation of many immigration pathways. These pathways will aptly suit the residents of Hong Kong. This decision was due to the dilemma leading to immigration shortfall during the recent pandemic. You will find all residents of Hong Kong to be highly educated and often articulate in English.

299 Express Entry Applicants Receive Saskatchewan PNP Invitations

Saskatchewan sends out PNP invitations to 299 Express Entry (EE) candidates. This takes the total invitations for the province to 1,727 this year. The new draw was on February 25 in which the province sent out invitations to candidates to apply for a provincial nomination. This nomination will be for Canadian permanent residence. The invitations

International Experience Canada (IEC) Pools Will Soon Open For Some Countries

Canada is going to open the IEC pool for some chosen few countries from March 1. Those chosen will be able to work in the country. IEC will be open to young adults who are citizens of other countries. These countries need to have reciprocal agreements with Canada. The age range for the eligibility criteria

Quebec Releases New List of Occupations Eligible under the LMIA Process

The province of Quebec comes up with a new list of occupations that are suitable under the new LMIA process. According to the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), employers do not have to provide proof of recruitment efforts. This is while hiring foreign workers. This rule is applicable in quite a few occupations. The Ministry

Canada Makes It Mandatory for All Inbound Foreign Travelers to Take a Covid-19 Test

It is now mandatory for all foreign inbound travelers to take a Covid-19 test within 72 hours of entering Canada. This rule is applicable for all passengers above five years of age since February 22. Any traveler with proof of having a vaccine will not be exempt from this rule. Travelers need to prove that