Canada Opens New Immigration Pathways for Hong Kong Residents

Canada has made a special announcement regarding the creation of many immigration pathways. These pathways will aptly suit the residents of Hong Kong. This decision was due to the dilemma leading to immigration shortfall during the recent pandemic.

You will find all residents of Hong Kong to be highly educated and often articulate in English. Thus, they can surely meet the qualification standards needed to immigrate to Canada.

There was a launch of an open work permit for immigrants on February 8. This will allow every youth from Hong Kong to work for a Canadian employer.

This program will let suitable Hong Kong citizens live in Canada for a very long time. This will allow the Hongkongers to get a proper job and work experience in Canada.

Due to this, more immigrants will be able to get invitations to become permanent residents of Canada.

Listed below is a concise list, which tells you about the important eligibility criteria to get the new work permit:

  • The requirement of a valid passport by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), or the U.K to British National Overseas.
  • The applicant should have a graduation degree from a University or a diploma (two-year program). These certificates should be obtained within five years from the date of application.

People from Hong Kong who are living in Canada are now allowed to apply for an open work permit. They need not leave Canada to apply for the permit. Those staying away can apply too. However, due to the COVID- 19 restrictions, there may be a delay in their arrival.

The Canadian government has made an announcement of a recent program. This will allow permanent residency to eligible citizens of Hong Kong. In the coming months, Canada may release details of the program, such as:

  1. Language
  2. work experience
  3. Education

Canada and the different provinces have many paths of immigration. These are for citizens of other countries willing to immigrate to Canada as foreign students.

The federal authority has clearly stated recently that they will create specialized immigration paths. These will be for citizens of Hong Kong graduating from any post-secondary institution in Canada.

Canada announces that they will allot adequate resources for faster processing of applications. These applications will be for permanent residence coming from Hong Kong. This will be in addition to the above programs.

Additional benefits include the removal of processing charges for extension of stay in Canada. The nation is determined to retain post-secondary students from Hong Kong in their country.

Both the countries have good relations with each other for ages. There are numerous Canadians either born in Hong Kong or have roots there.

Toronto Metropolitan and Greater Vancouver have many strong communities from Hong Kong.

Many have heard about Adrienne Clarkson who was a popular Hong Kong – Canadian. She immigrated to Canada as a refugee when she was a mere child during World War II. However, later she had a successful career as a journalist and became Canada’s 26th Governor-General.

These programs show Canada’s determination to adopt immigration policies to the fast-changing times rather effectively. The decision of the Canadian authorities to hold on to Hongkongers is a smart yet caring move.

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