IRCC Planning To Introduce A Tool That Can Help Newcomers Decide Where to Stay In Canada

IRCC will soon develop a new tool that can help immigrants decide the best Canadian province for them to settle. Researchers are still working on this tool.

They claim that the tool can help newcomers identify the Canadian city where they can become successful.

Most of the newcomers choose one of the major cities of Canada to settle down. More than half of all newcomers presently stay in Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal.

However, there may be bigger and better opportunities for immigrants in other cities. A tech worker or a film director can stay in Toronto. However, for a petroleum engineer, it is not a fair city.

IRCC has been working on a research project since 2018. They have been working alongside the Immigration Policy Lab (IPL) at Stanford University. Their work was on this tool, which is dubbed as GeoMatch.

The project aims to reuse an algorithm used in resettlement efforts for Canadian immigrants. The tool will use historical data to help newcomers choose where they may be more successful in the country.

According to IRCC spokesperson Isabelle Dubois, “The study suggested that prospective economic immigrants who followed the GeoMatch recommendation would be more likely to find a well-paying job after they arrived.”

She went on to add, “Currently, newcomers tend to gravitate to cities they’ve heard of— which tend to be the largest. Yet such a tool could help change that by promoting different localities across Canada, beyond major urban centres like Toronto and Vancouver.”

As per their website, GeoMatch will utilize machine learning capabilities to predict. Some of the factors that the tool will consider are:

  • Work history of previous immigrants
  • Personal characteristics
  • Education

After collecting the data it needs, the tool will find patterns by concentrating on how these factors relate to the economic success in various locations.

It will then be possible for the tool to predict the likelihood of success for an immigrant in different parts across Canada.

According to a report by the IPL, “Research suggests that an immigrant’s initial arrival location plays a key role in shaping their economic success. Yet immigrants currently lack access to personalized information that would help them identify optimal destinations.”

The report repeats the fact that the tool uses past data. This data is about the first landing place of an immigrant and its influence on their outcomes.

According to the report, “We find that for many economic immigrants, the chosen [first] location is far from optimal in terms of expected income.”

The report says that several economic newcomers choose Toronto. The primary reason being their lack of knowledge of other cities in Canada.

However, they may be in the wrong place according to their skill set. For instance, Toronto ranks 20 out of 52 to maximize income in the year after arrival.

In other words, there are 19 different regions in Canada where immigrants can quickly increase their income.

Immigrants can ignore the tool. Nonetheless, GeoMatch considers the location preferences of newcomers, along with making data-driven predictions.

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