Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Facts About Manitoba

  • Manitoba is a booming multi-cultural economy. The province offers a variety of opportunities for work and business. Most people have settled in and around Manitoba’s capital city – Winnipeg. Winnipeg is the largest city in Manitoba with a population of approximately 710,000.
  • Manitoba Real Estate is amongst the cheapest in the country. Manitoba is also known to have low electricity and car insurance rates.
  • Manitoba also attracts tourist from all over the world. The land is filled with natural beauty and recreation. The province of Manitoba is home to over 100,000 lakes and is the perfect place for people who enjoy nature. Manitoba is known as the “Land of 100,000 Lakes”
  • All citizens under age 20 have access to free education from kindergarten to Grade 12. There are 5 universities and 3 community colleges, each offering a wide variety of programs. Post-secondary tuition fees are also amongst the lowest in Canada.
  • Like all other provinces and territories, universal, publicly funded health care is available to all citizens and legal residents of Canada. Services beyond the basic provisions are also available.
  • Manitoba is filled with large shopping centers.
  • On average, families in Manitoba save more annually after all expenses, than the national average.

Skilled Worker Stream


Skilled workers in Manitoba

Skilled workers in Manitoba are not subject to a points-based assessment. Individual applications are selected from international student graduates and temporary foreign workers.

Note: International student graduates should currently be working in Manitoba and must have been offered a permanent full-time job offer from an employer in Manitoba.

If you have a permanent full-time job offer from an employer in Manitoba but have graduated from a post-secondary program in a different province; in order to be eligible, you must work for that employer for at least a year before applying.


Applicant requirements:

  • Individual must be an international student graduate OR a qualified temporary foreign worker
  • Have a valid Work Permit or a Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • Have a permanent full-time job offer from an employer in Manitoba
  • Must have continuously worked for their current Manitoba employer for at least six months
  • Have the required education/training and any required license or certification
  • Meet the language requirements
  • Must intend to work and settle in Manitoba as a permanent resident
  • Demonstrate that you have sufficient settlement funds


Skilled workers Overseas

Skilled workers overseas are subject to a points-based system qualification. Individuals need to score a minimum of 60 points which are based on five eligibility factors.


Eligibility Factors:

  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Work experience
  • Education and adaptability


Applicant Requirements

  • You must demonstrate that you have an established connection to Manitoba through previous education and/or work experience or through friends and family living in Manitoba OR have an Invitation to Apply issued by the MPNP
  • Must have lived in the province as an international student or a temporary foreign worker


Individuals with previous work experience in Manitoba

  • Must submit a copy of their Work Permit proving that they have worked in Manitoba
  • Have worked as a full-time employee for an employer in Manitoba for at least six consecutive months
  • Submit a signed letter of reference from their employer (on company letterhead)


Individuals with previous educational experience in Manitoba

  • Must submit their Study Permit and academic transcripts along with the diploma or degree received upon completion of the program.
  • Must have attended and completed their education or training program from a public or registered private vocational, post-secondary institution in Manitoba.


Manitoba Supporter Eligibility:

  • Able to prove that he or she has been living in Manitoba continuously for at least a year
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Demonstrate that any application previously submitted was approved and resulted in successful, permanent establishment in Manitoba
  • Able to support the applicant’s settlement plans
  • Prove their relationship/close ties with the applicant

Business Immigration Stream

For individuals who wish to do business in Manitoba. The most qualified individuals are invited to apply for immigration.

Applicants must score at least 60 points or more on the “Adaptability Assessment Matrix”

Adaptability Assessment Matrix Criteria:

  • Age
  • Business Knowledge
  • Business Experience
  • Net Worth
  • Language proficiency (English and/or French)
  • Enhanced Settlement Factors


Minimum requirements:

  • Have a minimum verifiable net worth of $350,000 CAD
  • Have minimum three years of experience managing and operating a business (in the past five years)
  • Meet the language requirements
  • Make an Eligible Business Investment in Manitoba;
  • Attend an interview with an MPNP-B officer
  • Intend to work and reside in the province of Manitoba

Candidates may also be required to conduct an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba.

Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI)

For foreign nationals who wish to operate a farm in Manitoba. Individuals must be experienced in farm management and must have sufficient capital to immigrate and operate a farm in Manitoba.

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Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative – through MPNP

Morden is a rural town near Winnipeg. The town is actively looking for new immigrants in certain occupations.

Under the Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative stream, candidates must fall under one of the following targeted occupations:

  • Cabinetmakers
  • Manufacturing (specifically at entry level)
  • Factory sewing machine operators
  • Heavy vehicle mechanics


Minimum requirements:

  • Be between ages 21 and 45
  • Must have passed the “General IELTS test” with a minimum score of at least five in each band
  • Have no other connections in other parts of Canada (friends, relatives, education or work experience)
  • Intend to work and settle in Morden
  • Have the required settlement funds ($10,000 for the Principal Applicant and $2,000 for each dependent, addition to any funds needed for exploratory visit expenses)
  • Have at least two years of full-time work experience in the past five years;
  • Have completed a post-secondary education/training program of at least one year in duration, and must have received a diploma, certificate, or degree;

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