Study Permit

What is a Study Permit?

Study Permit allows foreign nationals to study in Canada. The permit is issued for a limited time. However, students may renew and extend a study permit during the course of their studies in Canada.

Canadian study permit applicants may also include family members on the application. This will allow family members to accompany the applicant. Your spouse is eligible to apply for a work permit.


  • Obtain a letter of acceptance from a Designated Canadian Institution
  • Show that you have enough money to financially support yourself while studying in Canada
  • Have no records of criminal activity and agree to abide by the Canadian law
  • Be in good health. Complete an immigration medical exam.
  • Agree to leave Canada at the end of your study permit.

After Graduation

You may choose to stay in Canada after graduation. Study permit expires 90 days after graduation. You must update your status within these 90 days.

Work in Canada after graduation

Post graduate Work Permit (PGWP) allows full time students to work for an employer for up to three years after graduation, anywhere in Canada.

Earn a degree or diploma from one of Canada’s top institutes.

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