Saskatchewan PNP Sends out Invitations to 564 Candidates in a New Draw

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SNIP) was on December 1. They sent out invitations to candidates from the International Skilled Worker category. These invitations were sent out through two sub-categories: Express Entry (EE) Occupations In-Demand 564 invitations in total were sent out to immigration applicants who had proper work experience in chosen occupations. 138 total

Nova Scotia Sends Out Invitations through the Labour Market Priorities Stream to EE Candidates

Nova Scotia sent out new invitations to apply for a nomination for Canadian PR. This was on December 1 through the EE-linked Labour Market Priorities immigration stream. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) did not state the number of invitations that were issued in the draw. The Labour Market Priorities Stream (LMPS) permits the NSNP

Canada Will Extend Its Travel Restrictions till January 21 of Next Year

Canada finally made the decision to extend its travel restrictions till January 21, 2020. Those who wish to enter Canada need to have an essential reason for the same. Foreign tourists who wish to visit Canada for a non-discretionary and non-optional reason will find the borders closed for them. Border officials will ask travelers to

Alberta Will Reduce Quarantine time for Incoming Foreign Travelers

Alberta is going to be the first Canadian province that will reduce the quarantine period for its foreign immigrants. The province will offer Covid-19 tests at specific land border crossings and airports. Travelers need to register for the pilot by completing an application form. They will have 5 days before arrival to do so. If

Different Nationalities That Wish To Shift to Canada

According to reports, there are 29 different countries that prefer Canada as a foreign destination over other countries. This new report was published by Remitly. They did an analysis of the different search phrases relating to shifting abroad and immigrating to more than 100 countries. Canada was at the top of the list as the

Canada Is Going To Resume Its Citizenship Testing Online

The recent global pandemic forced Canada’s citizenship tests to stop completely. Thankfully, the country is going to reintroduce this test online. Canada’s citizenship tests will resume after a period of almost eight months. In March this test was called off due to the Covid-19 scare all over the world. IRCC will test the new platform

Newfoundland and Labrador Launch New Immigration Avenue

On November 18, the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador made an announcement. It was about launching a new immigration pathway for newcomers. The pathway will aim at retaining newcomers who are already in the province. The new immigration pathway is under Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP). The name of the new pathway

Visa Application Centers in India Are All Set To Re-Open

Visa Application Centers (VAC) in India will soon begin to schedule restricted biometrics appointments. This will commence from November 20 in various Indian cities, like Delhi, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. This announcement was made by the Canadian government in a new tweet. The government also said that it will schedule a finite number

LOI Extensions Granted To Certain IEC Participants outside Canada

Canada grants LOI extensions to a handful of IEC participants outside the country. However, participants need to fulfill certain conditions. There are some participants in the International Experience Canada (IEC) program who have a Letter of Introduction (LOI) which is about to expire. They are allowed to apply for an extension of the LOI. During

Canada-US Border to Remain Closed For another 30 Days

Canada took a decision to continue with its travel restrictions on US travelers. The Canada-US border will be off-limits for US travelers till December 21. The confirmation of this news was made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Bill Blair. There will be an update to the new Order in Council.