Canada is planning to Expand Its Processing Capacity to Speed up Family Reunion

Canada is going to expand its Case Processing Center in Sydney, Nova Scotia. They aim to process more applications to help families reunite faster.

To reduce the processing time for family class applications, they will start a couple of measures:

  1. Introduce more office space.
  2. Add more employees.

IRCC will hire 62 additional employees to work on family class overseas applications. They hope that this will allow them to process more applications. IRCC expects this to shorten the processing time of such applications.

At present, there is a limit of 30% occupancy in the Case Processing Center in Sydney. This reduction in occupancy is due to the recent pandemic.

IRCC wishes to increase its capacity after the addition of the new office space. More employees, currently working in remote areas, will return to the office.

This new office space has a lease period of a year. It is sufficient time for IRCC to re-evaluate its future requirements.

Marco Mendicino, the Immigration Minister of Canada, said that the capacity increase would help IRCC. The department can once again process spousal applications within the standard time of one-year.

His tweet states new steps and confirms the expected benefits from these initiatives. These benefits will be for families and the residents of Cape Breton.

Numerous local Members of Parliament are happy with the news of the expansion.

A Member of Parliament, Jaime Battiste, expressed her happiness after getting the news. She said that this expansion plan would create employment chances for 62 people. At the same time, it will help the region prosper and grow through immigration.

Another Member of Parliament, Mike Kelloway, was happy to hear the news. He said that the people of Cape Breton would play a crucial role in the immigration system.

He added that government employees at the local Case Processing Center work hard to welcome newcomers. Most of these immigrants have settled in Cape Breton.

Mike said that this expansion plan would help to increase their capacity in welcoming more immigrants.

The Sydney Case Processing Center deals with different immigration applications. They process applications for several relatives under the family class immigration. These relatives include:

  1. Common-law.
  2. Spousal.
  3. Dependent children.
  4. Conjugal sponsorship.
  5. Adopted children.
  6. Other relatives.

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