International Experience Canada (IEC) Pools Will Soon Open For Some Countries

Canada is going to open the IEC pool for some chosen few countries from March 1.

Those chosen will be able to work in the country. IEC will be open to young adults who are citizens of other countries. These countries need to have reciprocal agreements with Canada.

The age range for the eligibility criteria will depend on the country. However, it normally ranges from 18 to 35 years in some cases. Additionally, work permits under the IEC will not need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

There are 3 categories under the IEC:

  1. Working Holiday
  2. Young Professionals
  3. International Co-op

Under normal circumstances, Working Holiday visa holders need not have a job offer to travel to Canada. However, there are some changes to this rule due to the recent travel restrictions.

As of now, those arriving in Canada under the IEC need to have a valid job offer along with a Letter of Introduction. These people also need to comply with the Covid-19 mandatory quarantine and testing needs.

The below pools are due to open from March 1. The quotas show the number of profiles that will be chosen from the IEC pool for each nation:

Here is a short overview of every IEC category.

Working Holiday

The Working Holiday way will usually let applicants visit Canada without a job offer. They can also work at any job that they find in the country.

Since the start of the global pandemic, the new rule states that participants need to have a job before arriving in Canada.

There are some applicants under the Working Holiday program who get an open work permit. They have permission to work for any employer in Canada.

This allows a more customizable experience as it lets people change their employers or even shift to other provinces with this permit.

International Co-op

This category is for all the students who wish to do a work placement or internship in Canada to finish their educations.

Applicants need to stay with the same employer and at the same location. This will be for the duration of their entire time in the country.

Young Professionals

The pathway of the Young Professionals is made to train professional skills. Hence, applicants need to have a professional job offer in Canada. This job offer falls under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) Skill Levels 0, A, or B.

The jobs should not be self-employed and should involve a proper salary. The work permit that comes under this category is primarily employer-specific. This means that the holder of the permit needs to stay with the same employer whose name is written on the permit.

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