Why Hire Canadian Immigration Lawyers?

Becoming Canadian need not be a tedious process. An experienced immigration lawyer can advocate and make things work for you.

Hiring an immigration lawyer was never a mandate in the immigration process. There are, however, major benefits of working with an experienced lawyer. Hiring a local immigration lawyer in Canada can bring about a huge difference between an accepted and a rejected application.

The decision to immigrate to Canada and make life is never made like that. It requires strength of bravery and willingness to decide to adapt to a new country with challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities.

The immigration process requires extensive paperwork, policy considerations, and bureaucratic hurdles. Even temporary immigration, such as study/work permits involves the issues. While some immigrants think otherwise, becoming a Canadian does not have to be a tedious process if an immigration lawyer is on your side, advocating.

Canadian lawyers undergo extensive knowledge, experience, and training in identifying, understanding, and synthesizing immigration laws. These Canadian immigration laws are diverse. Lawyers can break down the legalese into words you can comprehend.

If you are a skilled worker, you have more than 100 ways to immigrate to Canada. There are federal economic streams and those offered by Quebec and other provinces. You have more than 100 additional ways to go about moving to the country if you aim to study/work there. The same applied if you want to immigrate under family and/or humanitarian clauses.

This variety indicates wonderful opportunities for future foreign nationals and Canadians. It also can create room for confusion. A lawyer can identify programs you may not have been aware of. They can point out the ones you are eligible for.

They can guide you with what steps you will need to follow to apply for the best immigration programs for you. A lawyer’s job is to come up with a plan. They can inform you of options in appealing an unfavorable decision. They can also help pursue the same.

Lawyers are subject to ongoing regulation by societies that monitor the legal profession.

This supervision ensures a benchmark of knowledge, service, and professionalism. It also indicates that you can verify your lawyer’s status on websites of provincial bar associations that have licensed them to practice in the country.

Indeed, hiring a lawyer comes with cost implications. But, the costs of not engaging one — particularly in a life-changing matter like immigration can be higher. To use a business metaphor, hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer is not a gamble or a sunk cost; rather a smart and prudent investment that will have rewards later on.

A lawyer specializing in immigration will have the knowledge and experience to assist clients. An immigration lawyer not only guides with the problems that are likely to arise. But they can also understand and stop the issues before they mature.

A provincial government or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada may return an incomplete application. They may refuse for a host of other reasons, which may be vague or broad.

During any instance in the process, a lawyer can review your application and discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and errors. This can help save money, time, and energy.

The immigration process is likely to consume all the resources. Hiring an immigration lawyer can help consolidate these assets. It can also give you the scope to concentrate on other aspects of the journey.

According to a study published in the Toronto Star, 2018,  the rate of refusal of applications related to permanent residence for those who self-represented themselves or hired immigration consultants, came double than that of those who engaged a professional lawyer. The numbers are striking.

Beyond immigration law, immigration to Canada may engage other areas of law like family, international, and business, to name a few. For instance, a family flying to the country as a member of an entrepreneur immigration program is most likely to benefit from a lawyer who understands Canadian business regulations, practices, and laws.

If you are looking to acquire an existing business, for instance, or starting a new one, an immigration lawyer is likely to be helpful. He can also advise you on what will be ideal for you and the situation.

Immigration lawyers have the expertise to foresee potential obstacles as well as opportunities. They can guide on both the known and the unknown. Their clients are often navigating a new country, language, and culture.

Access to the wealth of analysis and practical know-how that lawyers provide can be useful. It is especially important during, before, and after a person immigrates to Canada.

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