Travelers to Canada Will Have To Use ArriveCAN App

Travelers entering Canada will soon have to use the ArriveCAN app. This will be a part of the efforts to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

This is a free app and was introduced in April 2020. It was done so in an effort to help travelers obey the border measures. The app is available in the form of a mobile app or by signing in online.

What Do You Need To Do Before And After Entering Canada?

Before Arriving At the Border

Beginning November 21, all air travelers need to submit their information through ArriveCAN before boarding. This is especially for those who have Canada as their final destination.

The information should include travel and contact information. Unless they are exempt, it should also include a quarantine plan and a Covid-19 symptom self-assessment.

While seeking entry to Canada, all travelers need to show their ArriveCAN receipt. CBSA officers will verify the proper submission of digital information by travelers.

Noncompliance with this new rule may result in enforcement action against a traveler. This may range from a verbal warning to a $1000 fine.

Those who fail to submit documents due to personal circumstances will be exempted. These reasons may include inadequate infrastructure or disability.

Starting November 4, all air carriers will remind their passengers of the need to submit Covid-19 related information. The submission of such information needs to be done digitally through the ArriveCAN app. This needs to be done before boarding a flight to Canada.

Very soon, land and marine travelers will have to use the app before arrival in Canada. This will be to avoid any delays and to reduce points of contact after reaching the border.

Passengers may also show their ArriveCAN receipt to a border services officer while seeking entry to Canada.

After Arriving In Canada

From November 21, 2020, all air, land, and marine travelers entering Canada will have to submit their information through ArriveCAN. They may call the toll-free number 1-833-641-0343 as an alternative. However, calling the toll-free number is only allowed during your quarantine period.

If you are exempt from the mandatory Isolation Order, you need not complete this procedure.

Within 48 hours of setting foot on Canadian soil, travelers need to confirm their arrival at their place of quarantine. They will also have to complete a regular Covid-19 symptom self-assessment in the quarantine period.

Those who fail to submit their information using the app before arriving in Canada will have to call the toll-free number. This needs to be done on an everyday basis during the self-isolation period.

The purpose behind this is to provide their daily information. Such passengers will not be able to use the app.

If travelers fail to submit their digital information, Canadian law enforcement will follow up with every traveler at a high priority.

The primary motive behind this new measure is to try and prevent the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. It will also help to reduce physical contact between travelers, government officials, and CBSA, and delays at the border.

If a passenger is not under any exemption, he will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine period. This is a requirement by Canadian law for all travelers.

The Canadian government has made it clear that all personal details of travelers in the ArriveCAN app will remain private. The app does not contain any GPS to track the movements of every traveler.

All travelers who use ArriveCAN will receive dedicated lanes at the airports of Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto (Pearson). This is to expedite processing after arrival.

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