Top 3 Immigration Misconceptions (Updated 2018)

Immigration to Canada is a lengthy process. Frequent changes in immigration regulations lead to misconceptions. At Immigration Terminal we do our best to keep our clients informed. It is our duty to educate our clients so that they are capable of making informed decisions.

Here are the top 3 misconceptions that our clients often believe in.

(1) I can not practice my profession in Canada

Foreign individuals often believe that they can not practice their profession in Canada.

This is not true. Once you immigrate to Canada, you are welcome to work in your professional field. However, some occupations do require special certifications. Depending upon the profession, foreign individuals may need to update their credentials. In some cases, individuals are also required to complete additional training.

(2) Express Entry is the only way for individuals who to live and work in Canada

Express Entry is based on the individual’s ability of settling in Canada. Under the Express Entry program, successful candidates land in Canada as permanent residents.

However, there are other options for individuals to permanently live and work in Canada.

These Include:

  • Arriving to Canada as a foreign worker
  • Receiving an open work permit
  • Being sponsored by a family member or spouse
  • Applying for a study permit

(3) Language tests are not mandatory

All candidates have to complete a language proficiency test. Candidates born and raised in English or French speaking jurisdictions are also required to prove their language skills. If the applicant does not submit his/her language test results, the application will be returned.

Candidates may prove your proficiency in either English or French. Language tests are valid for 2 years.

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