Ontario Will Initiate Expression of Interest System for 5 Different Immigration Streams

Five of Ontario’s economic-class immigration streams will change their registration system. This change will initiate in the next few weeks.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) used to follow a first-come-first-serve model. However, soon it will move to an Expression of Interest (EOI) system.

The EOI is a points-based system. It classifies candidates according to the labor market and human capital factors. Several other Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) use the EOI system for managing newcomers.

The following OINP streams will use the new EOI system:

  1. Employer Job Offer Category streams (International Student, In-Demand Skills, and Foreign Worker).
  2. D. Graduate stream.
  3. Masters Graduate stream.

Although OINP is going to change the system, these streams are not available for new applicants. These streams will reopen once the new EOI system initiates shortly. However, the OINP is not yet sure of the exact date for the launch.

Ways That the EOI System Will Change the Immigration Scenario for Ontario

The immigration streams changing over to the new EOI registration system used to run like rushed seating. The Ontario web portal was available to register those who wished to migrate using one of these PNPs.

Due to high demand, these registration windows last for a short period before becoming full. There were other problems as well.

The OINP needed to have a dedicated email address. This email address was for those facing technical issues affecting their registration.

There were also complaints that the system was unfair to those who have slow internet connections.

Several other PNPs use EOI systems. Usually, it needs applicants to submit several documents, such as:

  • Work experience
  • Resume
  • Education
  • Other relevant information

These applicants receive a provincial score. If they receive a high score, they receive an invitation to apply for a PNP for permanent residence.

During the fall of 2020, Ontario began accepting public consultants on the EOI system. There was plenty of positive feedback due to this effort.

Ontario got around 250 feedback submissions. This was between September 9 and October 23, 2020. Most of these submissions were from:

  • Prospective applicants
  • People
  • Immigration groups
  • Employers
  • Representatives
  • Professional and industry associations

According to an OINP spokesperson, “Many respondents believed that the proposed EOI system would be fairer and more predictable, and would be more user-friendly than the current intake process.”

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