Nova Scotia PNP Sends Invitations To Media Developers And Programmers

On November 22, 2020, Nova Scotia has sent invitations to the immigration candidates for applying for provincial nomination. NSNP or Nova Scotia Nominee Program releases the eligibility criteria of the draw for different Express Entry. Candidates who receive the invitation have the prerequisite chance for getting the provincial nomination via Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program did not release any information about the number of candidates, who have received the invitation.

As per the eligibility criteria, it was a prerequisite that the main occupation of the invitees would be interactive media developers or computer programmers. It was necessary for them to showcase reference letters from the employers to show that the candidates have served the industry for more than three years. The candidate must have this experience within the duration of 5 years, before putting the application. In addition to this, it is essential that the candidates should have at least a year of experience in Canadian work in either occupation along with A, O, or B NOC skill level.

The eligibility criteria for Canadian Language Benchmark are about seven in different English language capabilities. It is a must for the candidates to have a bachelor’s degree. The candidate needs to put in the application on 21st November 2020 by 11:50 pm.

It is essential for the candidates to include language test copies along with education proof within the apps. In case the candidates have obtained the educational credentials out of Canada, it is a prerequisite to include the specific Educational Credential Assessment Report.

There are certain eligibility criteria that needed to be fulfilled by the candidates to receive an invitation by NSNP. The Labour Market Priorities Stream of Nova Scotia sends an invitation to the immigration candidates, following the needs of the labor market of the province. The last PNP or Provincial Nominee program which was received from Nova Scotia, send an invitation to the Express Entry candidates, having experience in the auto sector.

Invitation of Express Entry Candidates

To be eligible for the provincial nomination through Labour Market Priorities Stream from Nova Scotia, the candidates must own a profile within Express Entry System.

Express Entry plays an integral role in managing different applications for conferring Canadian PR via different federal immigration programs. The candidates of Express Entry are given a ranking, based on CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. They are given award points, on the basis of different factors, which include education, work experience, age, and language capabilities in French and English.

Nova Scotia sends invitations, also referred to as invitations. They have earned a high reputation as the Letters of Interest. After the recipient of the invitation, the candidates will have a duration of 60 calendar days at their disposal for the completion of the application to seek the provincial nomination.

Once Nova Scotia sends the provincial nominations, the candidate will get the awards of extra 600 CRS points. It will ensure that the candidates have got ITA or Invitation to Apply in the specific Express Entry Draw effectively.

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