New Immigration Priorities Revealed By Canadian Government

Immigration will remain the primary point of focus to improve Canada’s society and economy. This was clarified by Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. This clarification was in the new supplementary mandate letter that he handed to immigration minister Marco Mendicino.

This mandate letter is the most crucial policy document for the immigration department of Canada. It summarizes the goals that the Prime Minister of Canada sets for the Immigration Minister and the IRCC. They need to pursue these goals during the government’s time of power.

Amongst various issues that the mandate letter defines, some of the key issues include:

  • Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan
  • Which new immigration programs need the IRCC to create
  • Improve the IRCC’s processing times of all applications

The release of this mandate letter comes briefly after the announcement of the historic 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan by the nation. This program will help Canada target more than 400,000 immigrants every year.

The new mandate letter will supplement the one that Trudeau provided to Mendicino in December 2019.

There is a reason for the new supplementary mandate letter. The Canadian government started a new Parliament session in September. The session was meant to implement new objectives that were borne out of the recent Covid-19 crisis.

Key Priorities Defined In the Mandate Letter

  1. Carry on welcoming new immigrants to help support the economic growth of Canada. It will also assist the nation in its post-Covid-19 recovery by expanding pilot programs to welcome refugees. This shall be through economic class immigration streams, working on sectoral and regional pilot programs, and expediting family reunification.
  2. Continue implementing measures to offer permanent residence options to immigrants. They will be those people who have provided healthcare in medical facilities and long-term care homes. It shall also include those who performed different essential services during the recent global pandemic.
  3. Carry on working with cabinet colleagues to protect the safety and health of Canadians. At the same time, managing the nation’s ports of entry compassionately and responsibly.
  4. Recognize additional permanent residence pathways for all the temporary foreign workers.
  5. Work as a team with Workforce Development, Minister of Employment, and Disability Inclusion to protect the workers. These workers will be the ones who are vulnerable to Covid-19. Also, secure workers to fill the requirements of the labor force in food processing and farming.
  6. Carry on working with the various territories and provinces of Canada to provide settlement supports. This shall be for all the newcomers that include French-language training.

There are no surprises in the new supplementary letter. It merely explicitly outlines the goals that the Canadian government has been fulfilling during its time in power.

It does add to the goals that were mentioned in the December 2019 mandate letter that the IRCC still pursues. The basis of today’s release is that Canada will continue to operate its immigration system in the best possible manner.

This will help Canada harness the skills and talents of new immigrants to support its economic health.

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