Immigrate To Canada in 4 Simple Ways Under CUSMA

All eligible US and Mexican citizens are allowed to conduct business and work in Canada under CUSMA. This will help them overcome some red tape procedures to enter Canada.

CUSMA or Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement will allow all the investors, workers, and traders to set foot on Canadian soil. This will be without going through the lengthy LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment process. Before July 1, 2020, CUSMA was better known as NAFTA or North American Free Trade Agreement.

Applicants with CUSMA work permit arriving from the US may apply at a port of entry. This application is not possible for CUSMA Investors.

There are four categories of CUSMA:

  • CUSMA Traders
  • CUSMA Professionals
  • CUSMA Investors
  • CUSMA Intra-Company Transfers

Each category comes with its own requirements.

CUSMA Traders

CUSMA Traders in Canada need to execute a substantial trade of services or goods between Canada and Mexico or the US. According to Canada, “substantial trade” is any trade exceeding 50% of the total business carried out between Canada and Mexico or the US. The above mentioned 50% may comprise either the value or the volume of the trade.

CUSMA Professionals

CUSMA Professionals must have a pre-planned contract or a job offer in Canada. This should be in one of the 63 eligible occupations. These 63 targeted professions are from various fields, such as education, science, medicine.

Applicants need to furnish proof of work experience and education credentials.  These will depend on the profession. However, it is not for those who wish to carry out self-employed work in Canada.

CUSMA Professionals will also be allowed to enter the country as business visitors. This is as long as they do not enter the labor market but request business, consult, meet clients, and offer advice.

Work permits granted will last for a maximum of three years. Applicants can extend it for another three years any number of times. However, the professional must comply with all the necessary requirements. Immigration officers need to be satisfied that employment is temporary. He should also be satisfied that an applicant is not misusing the CUSMA entry to avoid the usual immigration procedures.

CUSMA Investors

CUSMA Investors must make a sizable investment in an existing or a new Canadian business. They also need to visit Canada to develop and direct a given industry. The essential staff of a company may also get work permits in the CUSMA Investor category.

CUSMA Intra-Company Transfers

Mexican or US workers transferring to a Canadian branch of the same company will be eligible for the CUSMA Intra-Company Transfer.

Such a transfer should be for a temporary period in Canada. All those eligible should have worked earlier for the Mexican or US employer for a minimum of a year in the last three years. The work must be in a similar position to the one they will do in Canada. The company should employ the candidate during the time of application.

A candidate’s position should either be that of a manager, executive, or professional.

Entering Canada through CUSMA at A Time of Travel Restrictions

The Canadian Border Services Agency has said, a job offer of a CUSMA candidate should be at a working institution or a business. Those who apply for a CUSMA work permit from any other country need to make an application for a permit. They also need to receive permission to travel from IRCC, without which they will render a candidate misfit to obtain an authorization to travel. The candidate will also be prevented from applying for the CUSMA work permit at a port of entry.

Furthermore, all foreigners who wish to enter Canada to work, need to travel for an important reason. CUSMA Intra-Company Transferees and Professionals, working in the critical foundation, will continue to receive permission to enter. Such people may get an exclusion from mandatory quarantine if they don’t have any symptoms of coronavirus.

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