Employment Rate For Immigrants To Canada Rises Significantly In September

The rate of immigrant employment in Canada takes a significant upsurge in September. The latest reports suggest that more people are regaining jobs faster. In September, Canada’s quality of work witnessed a rise of 2.1%.  It is in comparison with the jump of 1.4% rise during the previous month. The Canada Labor Force Survey exhibits, the country’s employment rate is around 4% of the jobs during the pre-Corona Pandemic phase.

Retail, Food Services, and Hospitality services displayed signs of recovery from the damages triggered by the pandemic. It appears as a silver streak among the dark clouds of the rising unemployment rate and job cuts worldwide.

The Employment Rate In The Canadian Job Market Now Reaches The Pre-Covid Levels

What is the reason beyond the comparatively low movement? It is due to the low count of new immigrants arriving in Canada. The reason behind this is the restriction imposed to combat the Corona Pandemic.

Immigrants arriving in Canada five years back witnessed a rise in the employment rate by 2%. Thus, the figure reaches around 58% in September 2020. Canadian-born workforce found the employment rate going to the extent of 60% in between this time.

Immigrants arriving in Canada five years back or more are more vulnerable to face layoffs. While immigrants entering Canada in recent years stand more secure in this regard.

It majorly holds for industries that witnessed the minimum blow from the Corona Pandemic. Public Administration, HealthCare, and Social Assistance services are the industries that cope with the pandemic’s challenges. Besides, the list includes industries like Insurance and Finance, Real Estate, Leasing, and Rental.

A Previous Report from Statistics Canada Report establishes that recent immigrants suffered job losses at the maximum rates between March and April. It is mainly due to their presence at a high quality in blue-collar jobs.

The threat of job cut majorly affected the new joiners. These folks will stand more vulnerable to losing their jobs than their Co-Workers serving the office for a longer span.

Unemployment Rates In Canada And The US Is Now Almost At The Same Level

Comparing the US and Canada’s unemployment rates, an unemployment rate of 8% was evident in both these countries in September.

The unemployment rate in Canada in September was 3.3% higher than the unemployment rate during Pre-Covid times. In the US, the unemployment rate rose by 4.4% compared to the Corona Pandemic status.

In September, Canada recorded a higher employment rate than the rate in this regard in the US. The employment rate deals with the count of the employed individuals as a percentage of the working Workforce.

Standing at the 60% level, the employment rate in Canada recorded dropped by 2.7% compared with the employment rate in February. On the other hand, the US market drop was around 2% for the same time of the year.

Thus, the Canadian Job Market is gradually recovering from the disasters triggered by the Corona Pandemic. It is a significant symptom of recovery, not only for the Canadian or the US Job Market but for the job market worldwide.

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