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January Unemployment in Canada Highest From August, Last Year

Employment losses have been driven by part-time work, particularly among the youth. More stringent COVID-19 and relayed restrictions across Canada was the reason why employment dropped in January. This is per the new Labour Force Survey. Statistics Canada examined the Canadian labor force from January 10 to 16. COVID-19 numbers started coming down. Ontario closed

Canada’s New Restrictions for Travelers

The government of Canada, led by Prime Minister Trudeau will be putting forward new measures for travelers inbound as safety measures against COVID-19. After weeks of being pressured by a couple of provinces, it was announced by the Prime Minister on 29th January 2021 in a bid to tighten up travel restrictions. Effective Sunday, January

A Sneak Peek into Canada’s Top 10 Jobs In 2021

A look at those high-demand jobs that are expected to the most sought-after as Canada begins recovering from the significant economic impact in the post- COVID-19 era. As Canada’s economy has been gradually recovering from the pandemic, restrictions are likely to be lifted. With the onset of COVID-19, we have witnessed businesses starting to adapt

Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations for Immigration to Canada

An unusual case illustrates the strengths of Canada’s immigration system. The Canadian immigration system, by nature, is compelled to reconcile differing aspirations and values. For instance, the system always attempts to mediate between providing consistency and certainty on one hand, and fairness and flexibility on the other. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) is the primary

PGWP holders can apply for an open work permit under a public policy

Former overseas students, currently staying in Canada with an expiring Post-Graduate Work Permit will be able to secure a fresh open-work permit under a policy that has taken effect recently.   A new policy, granting former international students the opportunity to secure a new one-time open work permit, if their existing one is about to

Change in the Work Permit Program Is Good News for Canadian Employers and International Students

Beyond its significance to international students, employers in Canada benefit significantly from the PGWPs   Besides world-class education policies and systems and a high standard of living, Canada offers a significant advantage to international students: access to Post-Graduation Work Permit or PGWP once they have graduated.   The PGWP, as you can guess, is an

Canada’s Immigration Minister Shares Important COVID-19 Updates

Marco Mendicino, Canada’s Immigration Minister provided valuable insights during a recent interview.   Marco Mendicino, Canada’s celebrated Immigration Minister Marco shared insights on the country’s immigration policy and system on The Agenda, a television show. In the 20-minute long interview, the minister spoke on several immigration topics through which he explained to his viewers how

BC Has Invited 81 Tech Workers For The PNP Draw

British Columbia or BC has invited immigration candidates under the Tech Pilot scheme in the most recent provincial draw. The BC invited immigration candidates to file an application for a provincial nomination for securing a permanent residence on 26th January this year. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or the BC PNP has issued about 81 invitations

On January 21, IRCC Held the Second Express Entry Draw This Week

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada or IRCC had issued almost 4,626 permanent residence invitations to the Canadian Experience Class candidates. The Comprehensive Ranking Score or CRS cut-off was set at 454. Today’s CRS cut-off was set seven points lower than its previous CEC-specific draw that was held on 7th January. The latter had a

How You Can Prepare and Settle In Canada during the COVID-19 Pandemic and CIC News are proud to collaborate with Scotiabank, Canada’s leading bank for all newcomers. The idea is to offer support and a complete guide in such testing times when you are embarking on a new journey in Canada. While moving to a new country can be exciting and a little stressful, moving during