Canada Will Use Randomized Selection Process Again For PGP In 2021

Canada has said that it will accept 10,000 PGP candidates this year and another 30,000 the next year. However, the immigration department of Canada has decided to use the PGP lottery process in 2021.

IRCC made an announcement that there will be a single round of invitation for the PGP. This will be a part of the 2020 intake, in a completely new program delivery update.

November 3 was the last date for the three-week acceptance period for the Interest to Sponsor forms for the current year. IRCC will now disarrange the submissions, get rid of the duplicates, and send out invitations.

They predict that there will not be much time for sponsors, parents, and grandparents to complete their applications before the next year. Due to this, they will receive the sponsorship applications that result from the fall 2020 acceptance period early next year.

IRCC will accept up to 10,000 sponsorship applications next year for the 2020 PGP. They will count any application received before the end of this year towards the application cap of 10,000.

Next year, acceptance will rise to 30,000. However, this number may change with any ensuing instructions that the immigration minister shall provide.

Those who submit an interest to sponsor this year but fail to receive an invitation to apply may get due consideration in the following year. They need to reapply for such consideration.

IRCC will process PGP sponsorship applications on a first-in, first-out basis. This implies that the submission of new applications after the reopening of the program will get a place in the queue. However, their position will be behind the applications that are already in the existing inventory of PGO sponsorship.

The revelation of the acceptance dates for the next year has been made yet. Those who wish to sponsor their parents and grandparents in the future will have to inform the department by filling up the interest to sponsor form.

They will also have to upload a copy of their status in Canada with the form. This will help IRCC identify duplicate entries.

It is important to remember that the interest to sponsor form is not directly an application for the PGP. Applicants will receive an invitation to apply for the PGP from the immigration department. Those who have submitted their interest to sponsor forms during the acceptance period will receive such invitations.

Likely sponsors will have a maximum of 60 days to submit their permanent residence application and sponsorship application package. This time limit is from the date of their letter for invitation to apply.

The invitation to apply is not transferable to any other applicant or possible sponsors. If IRCC fails to reach applicants by email, agents will send them a printed version of the email by mail.

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