Canada One of the Top ‘Safe and Stable’ Countries for Foreign Students

A recent survey suggests that Canada is one of the most popular education destinations. The survey also states that it is one of the top “safe and stable” countries for foreign students.

There has been further improvement in the position of the nation as the “go-to” education destination. This is due to the efficient handling of the Covid-19 pandemic by Canada.

The survey states that countries said to be “safe and stable” need not be “open and welcoming.” However, Canada is one such country that may be considered to be both.

Canada has come up with some steps to let foreign students enter the country. Canada bound students need to attend a college or a university that has a Covid-19 approved readiness plan.

This approval should be from the provincial government where the institution is situated. The origin of the student does not matter at all.

The first survey was in May 2020. The survey result said that Canada is one of those countries that are ahead of others. It was categorized alongside Australia and New Zealand.

Navitas just repeated the research in September 2020. There has been an improvement in the overall position of Canada since May. However, it was now competing with the UK for the top spot instead of the Oceanic states.

How to Get a Canadian Study Permit?

  • If one wishes to study in Canada, the first step is to choose a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). You also need to decide upon the program that you wish to study.
  • After your application for your desired program is complete, you shall receive a letter. This will be a letter of acceptance from your chosen DLI.
  • The next step involves the submission of an application to the IRCC to obtain a study permit.
  • You have the privilege of including your family members in the application. This will allow them to join you in Canada. Your spouse will be able to obtain a work permit. This will let them work for a Canadian employer while you study.
  • You will require a letter of acceptance from your DLI to submit with your application. You need to prove that you have no financial problem and you can easily pay for your tuition for the first year. You should also prove that there are no criminal records in your name and you are in good health.
  • If your DLI is in Quebec, you will have to obtain a Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ or Quebec Acceptance Certificate)

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