Canada Is Still Receiving Applications under the Home Support Worker Pilot

Canada continues to accept permanent residence applications under the Home Support Worker Pilot.

The webpage for the Canadian government states that they are yet to reach the maximum limit for the pilot. Once they close the pilot for new applications this year, they will update their webpage.

The Home Child Care Provider Pilot was another pilot that was launched at the same time last summer. This pilot successfully reached its maximum limit.

There was a total of 2,750 application submissions under this pilot. The Canadian government will reopen the applications for this pilot on January 1, 2021.

Those who have submitted applications to one of the two pilots need not contact the immigration department. IRCC will send out a notice to applicants after processing begins.

According to the IRCC, sending out the notice may take longer than usual due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both the pilot programs come with a five-year plan. They allow licensed caregivers and their families to enter Canada and apply for permanent residence.

There are many foreign nationals who have received jobs as caregivers in Canada. They are allowed to apply for immigration through one of these pilots.

Each applicant will undergo a different application process. This will depend on their individual situation and qualifying work experience.

Their qualifying work experience may mean working full time as a home support worker or a child care provider. They will not consider experience as housekeepers or foster parents.

How Will The Process Work?

Those who have a minimum of 2-years or 24-months of qualifying work experience will be suitable to apply for the relevant pilot program. It is mandatory to provide proof of this work experience.

As far as applicants fulfill other eligibility needs, there is no need for them to have a full 2-years of relevant work experience to apply.

Those who wish to work as home support workers in Canada may now apply. However, those who wish to work as a child care provider have to wait until next year to apply.

It is important for applicants to submit their work permit application while applying for the relevant pilot. It needs to be accompanied by the application for permanent residence.

Upon fulfilling the needs, applicants will receive a temporary work permit. This shall be an occupation-restricted open work permit.

It shall let holders work as caregivers for any employer until they do not get blacklisted by the Canadian government. Upon acquiring the 2-year work experience, they may submit their proof of experience. It is after this that Canada will make a final decision on their application.

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