Canada Is Going To Resume Its Citizenship Testing Online

The recent global pandemic forced Canada’s citizenship tests to stop completely. Thankfully, the country is going to reintroduce this test online.

Canada’s citizenship tests will resume after a period of almost eight months. In March this test was called off due to the Covid-19 scare all over the world.

IRCC will test the new platform for the next couple of months. Candidates whose tests were canceled in March will get another chance to appear for the online citizenship tests during this testing time. Those who are on the waiting list will get to appear for the tests, as well.

IRCC will soon encourage more citizenship applicants to use this new platform. This shall happen once they satisfy themselves with the reliability of the platform.

According to CBC reports, more people may receive invitations for the test next year.

Those who shall receive an invitation for the tests will have to confirm their identity through personal information. They need to click a self-photograph, as well as their ID documents with the help of a webcam. This needs to be done before the test starts.

All the applicants for citizenship will get 21 days to complete the test. They may sit for the test at a time that is convenient for them.

During the test, the system will click photos of the participants. This is a process that was in use to monitor various other online tests during the pandemic. These include law school admission tests and bar exams.

As per a media release, IRCC has been trying to modernize the citizenship program before the Covid-19 pandemic. Bring citizenship testing online was a part of this initiative.

New Format of the Test

Just like the various in-person tests, the online tests will comprise of 20 questions. All the participants need to complete the questions in 30 minutes.

According to the IRCC, there is no need for applicants to reach out to them. Invitees or their representatives shall receive a message by email.

Invitees will also receive an option to wait and take the test in-person. However, there is no set date for resuming this process.

Minimum 85,000 People Awaiting the Citizenship Test

On September 7, almost 85,000 candidates were waiting for the citizenship test. This number is as per IRCC data.

The pile-up in the number of citizenship applications was momentum for Advocates for Resumption of Canadian Citizenship Tests. The group held demonstrations in Montreal and Toronto in early November. One of their calls to action was for the citizenship tests to restart.

The group has called the initiative to restart the online test “a step in the right direction.” However, they still doubt whether this will be enough to fulfill the needs of the thousands of applicants on a timely basis.

According to the Citizenship Act, all the applicants for citizenship from ages 18 to 54, need to demonstrate proper knowledge of Canada. This will help them in their attempt at becoming citizens.

Preceding 1994, an interview was the only way to judge this knowledge. However, this is still the case for applicants above the age of 55 years.

Canadian citizenship gives all immigrants their passports and their right to vote. People also get a sense of security and belonging.

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