LOI Extensions Granted To Certain IEC Participants outside Canada

Canada grants LOI extensions to a handful of IEC participants outside the country. However, participants need to fulfill certain conditions. There are some participants in the International Experience Canada (IEC) program who have a Letter of Introduction (LOI) which is about to expire. They are allowed to apply for an extension of the LOI. During

Canada-US Border to Remain Closed For another 30 Days

Canada took a decision to continue with its travel restrictions on US travelers. The Canada-US border will be off-limits for US travelers till December 21. The confirmation of this news was made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Bill Blair. There will be an update to the new Order in Council.

Canada to Process More Applications for Spousal Immigration

IRCC will be processing fresh spousal immigration applications. This will be following a slowdown at the beginning of the recent pandemic. Right before the pandemic, Canada had the target of inviting 70,000 newcomers. This was under the Spouses, Partners, and Children category. Under the new 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan, this target will be reset to

Canada Is Still Receiving Applications under the Home Support Worker Pilot

Canada continues to accept permanent residence applications under the Home Support Worker Pilot. The webpage for the Canadian government states that they are yet to reach the maximum limit for the pilot. Once they close the pilot for new applications this year, they will update their webpage. The Home Child Care Provider Pilot was another

The Labour Market of Canada Obtained 84,000 Jobs Last Month

Canada added about 84,000 jobs last month. This is notably much slower growth of employment compared to earlier months. There were around 378,000 jobs generated in the Canadian labor market. This was between August and September. During October, various restrictions were reapplied across Canada. This was due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. This leads

15,000 Recipients of Canadian Permanent Residence in September

Canada’s levels of immigration continue to suffer due to the recent global pandemic. New IRCC data reveals that Canada sent out invitations to 15,025 newcomers in September 2020. If you compare this with the data of the same month last year, it shows that it is low. In September 2019, Canada had 35,000 immigrants. Between

Canada to Smoothen Immigration Process for Hong Kong Residents

Canada is all set to launch two new immigration pathways. These will be for Hong Kong residents and shall implement new steps for asylum claimants. Canada immigration minister, Marco Mendicino made this announcement on November 12. He went on to say that these initiatives will build on the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan. These new measures

Immigration Committee Study Reveals Separation and Uncertainty Causing Mental Health Crises on Canadian Immigrants

Many permanent residents and separated family members are unable to enter Canada due to the recent pandemic. They are regularly venting their frustration out in the House of Commons as witnesses in a recent study on Canadian immigration. The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration of Canada is going to conduct a study. This will

The Proper Way to Sponsor Your Spouse or Partner for Canadian Immigration

Canada will carry-on with its plan to accelerate up to 6,000 spousal sponsorship applications every month. It wishes to do so until the end of this year. IRCC had made this big announcement in late-September. In its announcement, it also said the way they wish to bring loved ones together as soon as possible in

Canada’s Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration 2020 has 4 Highlights

The government of Canada released its Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration 2020. This release will provide the public and the Parliament a sketch of the newest immigration developments in Canada. Both Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan and the Annual Report were released together. Canada aims to welcome more than 400,000 newcomers every year. This will