B.C. Issues 92 Invitations in Its Latest Tech Pilot Draw

British Columbia (BC) issues invitations to 92 immigration candidates. This was through the Skills Immigration (SI) and Express Entry BC (EEBC) streams on December 15.

The EEBC stream is for those applicants who have a valid profile in the EE system of the federal government. The EE system is Canada’s primary pathway for skilled immigrants who wish to obtain Canadian PR.

The SI stream is for the semi-skilled and skilled workers whose occupations are in high demand in B.C. Both streams let candidates apply under different categories.

Those who got chosen in the draw required a minimum provincial score of 80. They were also from the following categories:

  1. EEBC – International Graduate
  2. EEBC – Skilled Worker
  3. SI – Skilled Worker
  4. SI – International Graduate

The launch of the BC PNP Tech Pilot was in 2017. This was to assist employers to attract suitable newcomers in the IT sector and to ease the immigration process for global students and tech workers.

The B.C. PNP sends Tech Pilot invitations every week to all the eligible candidates. These candidates should have a valid 1-year job offer in one of the 29 occupations specified by the program.

It is also important for the job offer to have a minimum of 120 days remaining during the time of application.

EE candidates who get nominated by B.C. will receive an additional 600 points for their EE CRS score. It is also a guarantee that these candidates will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in an upcoming federal draw.

It is important for people to create their profile through the BC PNP online portal. They also need to register under the programs Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). This is important for them to be considered for immigration to B.C. through the International Graduate and Skilled Worker categories.

Figures of the Latest B.C. PNP Tech Pilot

B.C. has conducted 27 tech-only draws to date this year through its B.C. PNP. The most recent draw before this current one took place on December 1, 2020.

Apart from tech pilot draws, B.C. also sends invitations to foreign graduates and global workers in non-tech occupations. This happens every two weeks.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, B.C. has been holding these draws regularly. On September 29, B.C. held its biggest draw of this year.

450 EE and Skills Immigration candidates in total were invited in the draw. B.C. has maintained this steady trend for the last couple of months. The province has issued 350 invitations on an average during the draws.

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