Alberta PNP Application Pattern: New Fees and Online Platform Introduced

Immigrants headed towards Alberta will now be able to apply online. This new online application method will help them apply for most of the Alberta immigration programs. A new fee structure also applies.

Immigrants applying to the AINP or Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program can do so online commencing October 1, 2020. However, this method is not for those applying for the Self-Employed Farmer Stream.

It is mandatory for candidates in the Alberta Express Entry System to receive permission from AINP to gain access to the new portal.

In a press release, AINP stated that the online portal was made to simplify the immigration application process. Those who will apply for one of the future PNPs will get tips on ways to enter data.

They will also receive a customized list of documents and can save a draft to complete their application at a later date. The system performs an initial evaluation of eligibility. This ensures that those who fail to meet basic criteria do not waste their money and time applying.

Here Are Some Changes Implemented By The AINP

Fees for the Online Portal

Applications submitted for the Alberta PNP using the online portal will require a processing fee of $500. This non-refundable fee is charged once an application gets submitted successfully.

Those who have already applied for the Alberta Express Entry Stream or the Alberta Opportunity Stream by mail on or before October 1, need not pay the fee. However, those who applied for the Self-Employed Farmer Stream and submitted their applications via mail will have to pay the processing fee.

New Fee Structure for Post-Decision Services

AINP has stated that applicants will have to email their requests for post-decision services.

The province of Alberta requires fees for post-decision services. These include requests for nomination extensions, nominee requests for letters of support, and reconsideration. Requests sent to the government on or before October 1 will now require a service fee of $100.

Letters of Support will not be issued with a nomination anymore. It must be requested by a PNP recipient. Those provincial nominees with a written request from IRCC for a letter of support need not pay the said fee.

Fees include the processing requests costs and are necessary for candidates to pay even if they are not eligible to receive a letter of support or nomination extension. Refunds are only possible for requests for reconsideration in a scenario where there was a reversal of the original rejection. For any other service, the fees remain non-refundable.

Application Updates Possible Via Email

Any type of updates made to an application needs to be forwarded via email. This is applicable even for those who have applied by email. It is necessary for candidates to send emails to AINP to notify them of the following:

  1. Withdrawal of an application.
  2. Any changes to immigration status, family composition, employment status, and contact information.
  3. Any changes to use a third party representative.
  4. Any changes or corrections to documents or information in an application.

Measures for Coronavirus

The province of Alberta has introduced certain changes to their temporary coronavirus measures:

  1. All those who have lost their means of income after applying to the AINP, will get a maximum time of 6-months from the date of assessment of their applications to find a new job that fulfills AINP criteria. This is irrespective of the date of application and pertains to all nominees. It is mandatory to meet the employment requirement at the time of submission of an application. Candidates will be informed via email when the AINP puts an application on hold. This change will provide better opportunities for a candidate to meet the employment criteria of AINP. It will also extend the time needed to find a proper job by a maximum of four months for both candidates and nominees. Earlier, chosen candidates and nominees had a maximum of 60-days to find proper employment.
  2. The AINP will not accept incomplete applications anymore. Incomplete applications submitted online or mailed on or after October 1 will be rejected.

The AINP has stated that the new online portal will help to reduce red tape. It will also help to create a more streamlined application process for all candidates.

The online portal will only be accessible to an applicant. If an applicant wishes to share his/her application with a family member or representative, they will have to take a print-out as a preview.

The AINP will welcome any feedback from candidates pertaining to the application process. They will also implement any changes if needed. The province of Alberta has clearly mentioned that this change has no relation to Covid-19.

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