Advantages of Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program

Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) started on October 13, 2020, and will continue till November 3, 2020. In these 3 weeks, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can submit their interest to sponsor forms on the IRCC website.

After the end of this period, IRCC will carry out a random selection process to choose candidates. Those chosen shall receive invitations to submit their sponsorship applications. The department will accept a total of 10,000 applications for the 2020 PGP.

There are abundant benefits for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to sponsor.

  • They get a chance to reunite with their family members.
  • The parents and grandparents become permanent residents and enjoy all the benefits of being one. These benefits include access to health care facilities and the ability to earn in Canada.
  • They earn the right to become a Canadian citizen.

Benefits to the Canadian Society

  • Healthy families are the backbone of Canadian society.
  • Research proves that parents and grandparents can contribute to household income. As a result, families enjoy a greater purchasing power that benefits the country.
  • Purchasing a home is the largest purchase for a person. The homeownership rate of immigrant families is equal to Canadian born families. It totals around 70% of families owning a home.
  • Apart from adding household income, parents and grandparents help their children and grandchildren work for longer hours. This is because senior family members can provide child care solutions. Due to this, other family members can concentrate on their work.

According to the Canadian government’s past surveys, PGP was one of the least popular immigration streams.

This is obvious since people believed that parents and grandparents do not contribute much to the Canadian economy. They are likely to be a significant expense on social services, like health care.

You need to remember that Canada alleviates these concerns in many ways.

  • Parents and grandparents form just 6% of the annual immigrants that Canada welcomes each year.
  • Parents and grandparents have to pass a medical screening process to enter Canada. The Canadian government authorizes this procedure and is valid for all immigrants. This process ensures that immigrants do not depend upon the country’s health care system.
  • Canada imposes a 20-year undertaking period on those who sponsor their parents and grandparents. This means that they have to sign a contract with Canada’s government. This contract will confirm their financial duty towards their parents and grandparents for the next 20 years. The said period starts from the date their sponsored family member receives permanent residence. During these 20 years, a sponsor will have to repay any social assistance collected by their parents and grandparents. Due to this, parents and grandparents utilize meager social aid.
  • Canada aims at pursuing social, humane, and economic goals through its immigration system. The country wants its immigrants to benefit from the economy. This is why Canada chooses 60% of its total immigrants under the economic class. Canada aims at reuniting families, which is why it operates the PGP. The country wishes to assist those who are less fortunate on humane grounds.

Although you should not consider it from an economic perspective, you may say that the PGP helps the Canadian economy.

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