Saskatchewan PNP Sends out Invitations to 564 Candidates in a New Draw

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SNIP) was on December 1. They sent out invitations to candidates from the International Skilled Worker category.

These invitations were sent out through two sub-categories:

  1. Express Entry (EE)
  2. Occupations In-Demand

564 invitations in total were sent out to immigration applicants who had proper work experience in chosen occupations. 138 total invitations were sent out through the EE sub-category. The remaining 426 invitations went to Occupations In-Demand applicants.

In order to receive invitations for this draw, applicants from both sub-categories will have to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) profiles with the SINP. Irrespective of the category, invited applicants to need a minimum EOI score of 74 to receive an invitation.

This is a provincial requirement and not the CRS cutoff. All the recipients of invitations have Educational Credential Assessments.

It is important for these candidates to have some work experience in one of the 86 occupations. You need to check the government webpage to find out more about these occupations.

The SINP uses the EOI system to choose its applicants. They choose such candidates who have the highest potential to succeed in the regional labor market.

It is mandatory for candidates to demonstrate their dedication towards building a life in the province. This can be done by showcasing their:

  1. Education
  2. Work experience
  3. Age
  4. Connections to the province
  5. Language ability

The SINP utilizes these five points to gauge applicants and award them a score of a maximum of 100. This is on the International Skilled Worker Points Assessment Grid.

Those who score the highest, receive an invitation to apple for the Saskatchewan provincial nomination. In recent times, Saskatchewan made a decision of awarding more EOI points to those who can speak French and English.

Express Entry (EE) Sub-Category

In the recent round of invitations, a total of 138 candidates received their invitations. These candidates had their profiles in the federal EE pool.

The federal EE system controls the pool of candidates for the three primary economic-class immigration programs of Canada:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

If any candidate in the federal EE pool also applied for an EOI for Saskatchewan with a score of 74 on the SINP’s Points Assessment Grid, it is possible for them to receive an invitation in the latest draw.

EE candidates, who receive a provincial nomination from Saskatchewan after applying for it, receive an additional 600 CRS points. This almost ensures that they receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in any forthcoming federal EE draw. This is because most of the invitation rounds invite applicants with a minimum score of 470.

This is the same scenario for any of the PNPs that are aligned with EE.

Various Occupations In-Demand Sub-Category

The sub-category of Occupations In-Demand is available for all immigration candidates who fail to have a federal EE profile. This program is just for immigration candidates who have proper work experience in various occupations that usually have a labor shortage in Saskatchewan.

There was a total of 426 invitations sent to Occupations In-Demand candidates. They are to apply for a provincial nomination.

Just like the EE sub-category, applicants require a provincial score of 74 to get chosen.

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